Heated Shops

Make use of our space to take your passion to the next level

Work and Hobby Space

Homestead Self Storage offers clean, heated space for whatever type of work you’re doing

If you’re tired of turning your garage into a workspace every afternoon, give our heated shops a try! 

No matter what type of work, hobby, or side job you’re doing, our large, clean units can help you excel. 

Our heated shops can be found at the satellite locations around our Central facility. These shops are protected by all the security our facility provides, so you can leave your expensive equipment in the shop without worry! 

When renting a heated shop, you’ll get access to our facility restroom, a single power outlet, quality lighting, and free wifi. We’ve got (nearly) everything you’d have at home without the hassle of putting everything back afterward. 

Get started today to see how our heated shops can expand your capabilities!

Upgrade to Commercial Shops!

If you want to find space for your business or turn your passions into a business, try our commercial shops!

Like our heated shops, but with even more amenities!

Private bathrooms, free utilities, more outlets - built for the needs of a small business

Centrally located at our 20th St location

Near major shopping centers, Costco, Walmart, and more, just 1 mile off of I-90

Built for business

If you’re looking to grow your small business without the long-term commitment of a lease, our commercial shops are the perfect solution

Heated Shop Amenities

We offer more than just a garage! Our heated shops come equipped with:

  • Heat
  • One outlet
  • Lighting
  • Large overhead doors
  • Fencing
  • HD surveillance cameras
  • Free WiFi
  • Restroom available

Our Locations