Fully Furnished Office Space

Don’t want your office setup taking up space in your home? Need a quiet space to work? We've got you covered!

Conference Rooms

Get all the benefits of a full-sized office without the expense! 

When you rent one of our commercial office spaces, we throw in the use of our fully-furnished conference room for free! 

Complete with a speaker phone and large-screen TV for video-conferencing; we’ve got everything you need to meet with big clients in a professional setting for free! 

We’re happy to help your business with concierge service - you have refreshments delivered, and we’ll make sure they’re waiting when you arrive. 

The conference room is shared amongst our clients, so you’ll have to reserve it to make sure it’s free.

Incubator Office Space

Find an office space at an affordable rate at our Central location

  • Fully-furnished with lighting
  • Outlets
  • Free WiFi
  • Month-to-month leases
  • Free phone
  • Free utilities

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